Head Spa and Massage

Welcome, to the Kutsurogi Experience - The best self-care decision you will ever make. Kutsurogi - Japanese meaning "to feel calm, relaxed, to have time for yourself." Experience the ultimate 'kutsurogi" with our extraordinary head spa and massage treatments tailored specially for you by skilled Relaxation Massage & Head Spa Therapist - Fadz. The sought after head spa treatments include head and scalp massages combined with traditional Japanese massage techniques to promote and enhance scalp and hair health With a 15 year social work background in aiding people suffering from stress, trauma and related illnesses mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyles, stressful work and personal life situations - Fadz founded Kutsurogi Spa because she wanted to create a haven where every individual feels seen, valued, and pampered. Having faced many disappointments herself prior to taking the leap to start her own business - Fadz also wanted to create a space that is built on integrity, embraces diversity and celebrates the beauty of uniqueness. Having fought against the odds, Fadz now gets to live her dream by relaxing and aiding others with their self-care journey by providing unparalleled experiences of relaxation and well-being through exceptional scalp massages and head spa treatments. Book yourself a treatment today (20% off for first time clients) and just know you are about to be captivated by the allure of indulgence as well as find yourself drawn into an addiction to relaxation.


Head Spa Treatment