Scorpio Studio

Lash and Nail Technician

Welcome to Scorpio Studio, your personal sanctuary of relaxation and natural beauty enhancement within Salon Studios, Hawthorn East. I'm Jess, and although new to the beauty industry, I bring fresh, innovative techniques from my comprehensive training in Nail Technology and lash styling. I specialise in promoting natural nail and lash health, ensuring all enhancements maintain a beautifully subtle appearance. Scorpio Studio is designed to be your retreat from the hectic pace of everyday life. Here, you can tailor your experience by selecting your preferred music or TV show, or opt for a silent session to truly unwind. My philosophy is centered on providing each client with a tranquil space where they can rejuvenate and enhance their natural features without feeling overwhelmed. As we work together at Scorpio Studio, my commitment is to maintain the integrity of your natural beauty, focusing on treatments that accentuate rather than mask. I look forward to helping you achieve a look that is as naturally beautiful as you are.


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