TK Aesthetics

Cosmetic Injector

TK Aesthetics Injectables and TK Aesthetics Training Academy is owned and directed by Cosmetic Nurse RN Tekah, with over 6 years experience in cosmetic injectables and 15 years within the beauty and aesthetics industry. Tekah holds a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and focuses on cosmetic and dermatologic treatments, by performing non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as anti wrinkle, advanced dermal fillers, PDO Threads, fat dissolving treatments and filler dissolving treatments. Along with treating patients, Tekah also delivers injectable training through EnVogue Skin and private mentorship through the TK Aesthetics Training Academy. Having great depth of knowledge in facial aesthetics, Tekah is passionate about creating personalised, fresh and youthful treatment plans to help with individual concerns. Tekah's ultimate objective is to aesthetically improve a patient's beauty, while helping to enhance their confidence within. Click the link to book below or stay up to date on our socials: Website: Instagram: @T.K_Aesthetics Facebook: TK Aesthetics Email:


Anti-wrinkle injections
Dermal fillers
Fat Dissolving Injections
Collagen Stimulators
PDO threads